Tutor of ethnic students inspired by Party congress

Tutor of ethnic students inspired by Party congress


Meryemgul Obulkasim, a member of the Uygur ethnic group who teaches at the vocational education school of Tianjin University of Technology and Education, expressed her determination to be a role model in life.

Nation tunes in to 20th CPC National Congress


People across China watched livestreams and listened to the report delivered by Xi Jinping to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in Beijing on Sunday.

Chinese translations see huge sales spike after author's Nobel win


After French writer Annie Ernaux won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature earlier this month, the Chinese versions of her works A Woman's Story and La Place saw a surge in sales.

Tianjin prohibits recharge and reward services for minors


Tianjin stipulates that the government, society, schools, and families should protect the legitimate interests of minors online.

Old and gnarled, Tianjin's ancient trees are still giving


The oldest tree in Tianjin, a gnarled and leafy locust variety in the city's mountainous northern Jizhou district that is considered sacred, turns 1,630 this year.

WHO deems Tianjin biosecurity guidelines high-level


The WHO released the Global Guidance Framework for the Responsible Use of the Life Sciences (Framework) and defined Tianjin Biosecurity Guidelines for Codes of Conduct for Scientists (Tianjin Guidelines) as high-level.

The 5th pear competition held in Tianjin Jizhou

The 5th pear competition held in Tianjin Jizhou


On Sept 23, Yangjiayu village in Tianjin, Jizhou, held the opening ceremony of the 5th pear competition.

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