Traditional Arts

Sugar Figurine


As a folk toy, the sugar-figure boasts a long history. The sugar-figure is a type of food, but the meaning lies more in appreciation and making than eating.

Painted Clay Figure Zhang


The painted Clay Figure Zhang is a kind of folk artwork from the Han dynasty that is deeply loved by the people.

Yangliuqing Spring Festival Woodcut Picture


Yangliuqing Spring Festival picture, also known as Yangliuqing Spring Festival woodblock picture, is a type of woodcut painted product.

Kite Wei


Kite Wei is the kite made by Wei Yuantai, a renowned kite artist in Tianjin, thus called Kite Wei.

Brick-carving Liu


Liu Fengming (1889~1978), nick-named Brick-carving Liu, was a folk artist of Hui nationality in Tianjin.



“Laomeihua production artistry of Chinese-style for men” and“Laomeihua production artistry of cheongsam by Tianjin School” have been selected into the list of Tianjin’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Chinese Folk Art Forms 


"When it comes to comic dialogue, it is a type of language arts. There are four skills in comic dialogue, that is, to speak, imitate, tease, and sing..."

Hui-nationality Heavy-Knife


​The original name of the broadsword is Heavy-Knife of martial arts, which is a traditional weapon in the areas of Beijing and Tianjin, which existed in China for thousands of years.

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