The 5th pear competition held in Tianjin Jizhou


Updated: 2022-09-26

On Sept 23, Yangjiayu village in Tianjin, Jizhou, held the opening ceremony of the 5th pear competition. Local famers selected their best and largest crisp pears to compete for the title of "King of Pears ".


The 5th pear competition [Photo by Wang Jinyi]

The main venue of this competition was in the pear garden of Yangjiayu village. On both sides of the mountain road, villagers were busy picking pears and repackaging them. At the activity site, 10 "candidates" of crisp pears entered the final after successfully completing the preliminary and secondary rounds. The weight of each pear had to be more than 0.5 kg.

After weighing, inspecting and other assessments conducted by 5 professional judges, the pear of Lin Zhi, a resident of Luozhuangzi village, finally won the "King of Pears" crown, with a total score of 97.3 points from the three aspects of weight, appearance and sugar content. The weight of his pear was 0.68kg, and its sweetness score was 14.8.


The 5th pear competition [Photo by Wang Jinyi]

Luozhuangzi town has planted nearly 40,000 mu and more than 3 million fruit trees, with its total annual output of fruit exceeding 15 million kilograms. In addition to the "influencer" crisp pear, more than 20 kinds of pear products, such as honey pears and crown pears, were also displayed at the competition.

"We will continue to introduce new varieties, apply planting techniques, and open up sales channels, so as to let these fruit trees truly become the ‘wealth trees’ of the people." Li Pengyue, secretary of the CPC Luozhuangzi town committee, said.

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