5G to cover Binhai by 2020

(exploringtianjin.com)| Updated : 2019-11-18

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The Binhai New Area in North China's Tianjin is speeding up efforts to build a 5G network, which is expected to become part of local residents' life by 2020.

Construction of the 5G network is going smoothly in Binhai, according to local newspaper Binhai Times. It said the network will first cover the area’s five development zones, major towns and transport hubs, schools and commercial districts.

Local authorities are also making most of the new area's infrastructure including road lamp posts and flyovers to build base stations.

The 5G network is scheduled to basically cover the whole new area and become a daily part of local people's life, according to Binhai Times.

Binhai authorities will take advantage of the 5G technology to promote use of drones and unmanned vehicles, build smart communities and offer smart tourism and education.

The technology will also help the government better serve the people. When it is put in place, the 5G network will enable online examination and approval procedures in the new area.

With the technology, the police can improve its work flow and efficiency and offer local residents an easier access to relevant service.

The new area is also planning to launch immersive lessons and offer distant medical service based on the 5G technology.