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Power grid engineer commits to autonomous robot


Updated: 2024-06-21

Zhang Liming presented the model of the fifth-generation live working robots for power distribution systems at the State Grid Corporation of China's exhibition area during the 2024 World Intelligence Expo on June 20.

“This robot no longer relies on a bucket arm truck and can move to a suitable position on its own, solving the problem of live working in narrow and inconvenient spaces.”

Zhang Liming and his colleagues have continuously upgraded the robot since launching its first generation in 2016. Their goal is to achieve fully autonomous operation, making such robots more adaptable to various work environments and reducing the manual burden and danger.

Zhang Liming remains dedicated to developing the next generation of distribution network, live line operation robots, intensifying research and development efforts.

At present, the fifth-generation live working robot has obtained the project approval of the State Grid Corporation of China. Zhang Liming said that the new generation of robots will focus on intelligence, operationalization, and multi-scenario application.

It will focus on key technologies such as full-scene active perception, intelligent decision-making and motion control, integrated machine design, integrated insulation structure and automatic deployment and operation. In the future, it will mainly focus on ability to work in complex environments and compact spaces to comprehensively improve the adaptability, flexibility and reliability of robots.

“I hope that, one day, our contribution network live line workers can hold a remote control to operate the robot remotely in a safer working environment. That would be a very satisfying scene!” Zhang Liming described his original intention of innovation “Innovation makes work happier” at the exhibition scene.

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