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Transnational education thrives in Tianjin as new page turns in the region


Updated: 2024-06-19

Andrew McAree, the executive principal at Haileybury Tianjin in Wuqing district of Tianjin, feels lucky to work and travel in China where everything, including people, fascinates him.

He witnessed earth-shaking changes during his over 20 visits to China, which he called one of the greatest stories in history, especially compared to the first time in the last century when Beijing airport had only one two-way road and Pudong was a farm.

The potential of China made him determined to engage in work with Chinese educational institutions and partners to combine the strengths of both Eastern and Western education, deliver educational services and expand opportunities on transnational education.

Thanks to the coordinated development across the region of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, he sees support from the expanded transport network that provides greater access to his school and boosts demand for educational institutions.

He believes that Tianjin is an impressive city that is rapidly growing while preserving its rich cultural gems, and combining the best of west and east into meaning fields for young generations is an incredible opportunity.

Click the video for more details about Andrew McAree’s stories with China.

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