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Binhai New Area's strategic focus on talent development


Updated: 2024-06-14


Binhai New Area has improved its mechanisms for talent introduction and cultivation, gathering a total of 863,000 talents.

The area emphasizes the role of enterprises in talent evaluation, supporting over 3,800 innovative entities in assessing more than 150,000 talents.

It continues to deepen reforms in the talent development system, fully implementing major talent introduction projects with over 50 piloting policies.

 The area has established four industry-education integration consortia in information innovation, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, and the digital economy, bringing together 514 innovation entities, including universities, enterprises and incubators, and cultivating over 18,000 talents.

Furthermore, 19 industry talent alliances have been established in fields such as aerospace and financial leasing, linking 2,198 enterprises and academic institutions. These alliances are dedicated to nurturing the well-rounded talents needed for the development of new productive forces.

By focusing on new manufacturing and optimizing the industrial structure, Binhai provides more development room for talents.

Aligning with the characteristics of Binhai’s industries and talent development needs, the district leverages the combined advantages of the municipal "Haihe Talent" program and the district-level "Kunpeng Plan" to attract top talent.

This involves developing eight future industries: biomanufacturing, cell and gene therapy, brain science and intelligent medicine, independent information innovation, deep-sea exploration and extraction, aerospace utilization, advanced energy and new materials.

Meanwhile, the area strengthens regional collaboration with Beijing and Hebei to provide a broad platform for talent innovation and entrepreneurship. By accelerating the high-quality development of parks, port areas and urban areas, Binhai seeks to enhance its capacity to support talent growth and development.

The area aims to nurture 100 future industry development platforms and leading enterprises, establishing itself as a national leader and international pioneer in future industry innovation.

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