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Watermelon festival brings vibrancy to Tianjin’s Jinghai


Updated: 2024-06-12


The 10th Tianjin (Taitou) Watermelon Cultural Tourism Festival was held in Jinghai district throughout the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

The sweetest watermelon in all of Tianjin was announced during the event, and the results of the city's first watermelon contest were officially revealed, with 11 watermelon farms in Jinghai winning awards.

The snack street featured an array of delights such as hotpot, barbecue, skewers and ice cream, along with drinks like beer, coffee, and tea. Fresh agricultural products, including watermelons, melons, tomatoes, and cherries, were also available at the market.

A dedicated barbecue and grill area, spanning approximately 750 square meters, offered a variety of options including large pot stews, food stalls, seafood, and mini watermelons.


Additionally, five companies, including Tianjin Food Group, were invited to exhibit their premium agricultural products, which ranged from rice, flour, and oil to dairy, meat products, groceries, and beef and lamb. This helped attract more visitors to enjoy the festival's food and activities, further boosting regional consumption and economic vitality.

Renowned bands from across the country took turns delivering spectacular performances. Northern Performing Arts Group specially choreographed a large-scale show for the event. It also featured resident bands performing impromptu rock, folk, and pop music.


"It’s amazing! I came with friends to watch concerts and enjoy barbecue. The freshly picked watermelons are really delicious, and the services are incredibly thorough and attentive. Everyone is having a great time," said visitor Li Wanjuan, who drove from the Tianjin downtown area.

This year, the total watermelon cultivation area in the Taitou town exceeded 10,000 mu (about 1,647 acres), and the total output is expected to reach approximately 35,000 tons.

The watermelon industry not only enhances the efficiency of Jinghai's agriculture and increases farmers' incomes, but also boosts the popularity of Taitou town. 

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