JJJ 10th Anniversary

Deepening people-to-people connectivity


Updated: 2024-03-15

In the narrative of shared development, nothing resonates more profoundly than bonds between people. China has undertaken broad-ranging collaborations with partner nations, laying down a series of projects that directly touch the lives of individuals and capture public sentiment.

In Cambodia, China has assisted in the construction of over 1,800 deep-water wells and 130 close-to-community ponds across 16 provinces, effectively addressing the scarcity of drinking water sources and sanitation challenges for rural residents.

In the Pacific Island nation of Samoa, China's efforts have contributed to establishing comprehensive demonstration farms and other agricultural extension systems, providing training to tens of thousands of individuals.

In Zambia, solar mills have been deployed to supply ample corn flour to the populace, consequently boosting the value of local agricultural products.

In the course of jointly building the Belt and Road, fungal grass technology has emerged as a pivotal offering from China to the international community. Extending its reach to over 100 countries, and having trained more than 10,000 international students, it has become a source of prosperity and happiness for countless individuals.

Expert Wang Yiwei noted that China's fungal grass technology, by utilizing grass instead of wood to cultivate edible fungi, has effectively addressed the global challenge of mushroom production's dependence on deforestation.

In Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, the inaugural Luban Workshop in Central Asia has commenced operations. Last year, China provided students' computers with four kinds of virtual simulation learning software, employing 3D technology to facilitate a seamless integration of theory and practice.

These "small yet smart" projects have been helping improve livelihoods for people in partner countries, and continually advancing the cooperative spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative to benefit people around the globe.

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