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From field to chopsticks: Savor modern Chinese agriculture


Updated: 2023-11-30

Modern China and Me | Renato gets a taste of modern agriculture

High-quality ingredients are often the key to savory dishes, and Renato Pegoraro, an Italian restaurateur who has operated a restaurant in Tianjin's Italian-style town for over a decade, understands this well.

When his restaurant opened in 2008, he faced the challenge of sourcing suitable ingredients for authentic Italian cuisine in the local area. With the gradual improvement in the quality and variety of produce, over 80% of the ingredients now come from the region. The seafood risotto made with local rice and seafood has also become popular.

What changes have happened to China's local produce and what is driving these transformations? Join Renato as he takes you on a journey to local farms, where you can taste the fresh rice, feed the prawns, and learn from the new generation of Chinese farmers about their farming stories.

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