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Review of achievements of Xiqing in 2022


Updated: 2023-01-29

In 2022, Xiqing district adhered to the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, and strived for further economic and social development under the direction of the CPC Xiqing Committee.

New achievements in high-quality economic development

In 2022, the annual gross regional product exceeded 99 billion yuan (about $15 billion), with a year-on-year increase of 3%. The general public budget income was 6.7 billion yuan, and the total social investment in fixed assets was 41 billion yuan. The amount of domestic capital in place was 21.6 billion yuan, while the amount of foreign capital in place was $223 million. All major economic indicators continued to be at the forefront of the city.

The industrial structure was further optimized. The strategy of strengthening the manufacturing industry was further promoted. An industrial added value of 42 billion yuan throughout the year was achieved, with a year-on-year increase of 4.5%. The three leading industries of electronic information, automobile and equipment manufacturing, and biomedicine, accounted for 66.8%, and the output value of five key industrial chains, such as integrated circuits and the Internet of Vehicles, increased by nearly 20%. There were 29 new industrial enterprises above designated size, with a total of 630. The municipal level demonstration site of tourism was successfully constructed, realizing a comprehensive tourism income of 3 billion yuan.

Additionally, 49 key projects were introduced to Xiqing district, with a planned investment of 60 billion yuan.

New progress in the cultivation of a new engine

In 2022, the number of national high-tech enterprises reached 860, the number of national scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises reached 640, and the number of national and municipal "specialized and new" enterprises reached 12 and 92 respectively. Over 5,100 talents were introduced.

The innovation platform was further improved and more outstanding innovation achievements emerged. The relevant technology of the aero-engine produced by Smartmens (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. broke through the foreign technology monopoly; the Xinyu color coated plate product was approved as a national single champion product. 41 projects won the Tianjin Science and Technology Award, accounting for one quarter of the total number awarded in the city. The number of municipal technology conversion institutions reached 10, and the annual turnover of technology contracts reached 8.89 billion yuan. The total number of effective invention patents reached 3,856, and the cumulative number of effective registered trademarks reached 29,354.

New breakthroughs in deepening reform and opening-up

The coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was accelerated. Xiqing vigorously promoted the construction of the South Railway Station Science and Technology Business Zone. It carried out joint prevention and control actions with Bazhou, Hebei province, such as cross-border river protection.

New improvements in the development of urban and rural areas

The quality of urban planning and construction was improved, and the process of rural revitalization was accelerated. Throughout the year, Xiqing district started the construction of Yangliuqing Grand Canal Cultural Park, improved the overall transportation network, and implemented the management of living environment in the urban area. At the same time, the local government also strengthened the construction of agricultural facilities in the rural area. The grain output reached 36,000 tons, and the vegetable output reached 322,000 tons. The rural living environment and infrastructure continued to be improved, promoting the rural ecological tourism brand.

New improvements to the living standards of residents

The ecological environment was optimized in 2022. By controlling the main contaminants in the area, the air quality reached the best level seen in the past decade. 20 public welfare projects was implemented, with a total of 12 elderly care centers, 63 community day care centers, and 147 elderly canteens. The subsidy of 120 million yuan was issued to special groups of people, including impoverished and disabled residents.

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