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Tianjin's school accelerates the digital transformation, smart upgrade of education


Updated: 2022-09-28


The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city is accelerating the digital transformation and smart upgrade of education. Recently, Tianjin Eco-City Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University activated a smart campus management system, creating new space for education.

About 79 classrooms of the school are equipped with smart devices. Teachers can record lessons through the devices for repeat watching needs of students.

The school has built "smart classrooms" based on the smart technological products of KDDI. Students have on their desk a tablet, with handwriting, voice and gesture recognition input functions and teaching resources such as electronic textbooks, pictures, videos and exercises.

With high speed, low delay and wide coverage of 5G technology, "Cloud Classroom" enables students to attend distance classes.

Big data-assisted teaching enables teachers to collect students' learning data and carry out targeted teaching through intelligent devices.

As the most popular place among students, "VR/AR classroom" enables them to experience Mars exploration, cells, earth structure, bringing them an immersive and interesting experience.

Intelligent teaching has been introduced in physical education too. Based on video perception technology and artificial intelligence vision algorithms, students' sports performance and physical condition could be collected in real time.

The school has also created a digital campus management platform to promote visual and precise school management by presenting every corner of the school three-dimensionally.

In terms of campus low-carbon management, the platform can monitor school energy consumption data in real time to reduce energy waste and scientifically control the operation of energy-using systems such as heating, cooling and lighting, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3,000 tons a year.

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