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Youth "Eco-Innovation • Green Action" Competition launched in Binhai


Updated: 2022-06-30


Liang Yiming, deputy head of the TBNA and Teo Eng Cheong, CEO of SSTEC, launch the 2022 Youth "Eco-Innovation · Green Action" Competition.

The 2022 Youth "Eco-Innovation · Green Action" Competition was launched at China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Economic Forum  held on June 22. 

Since its first edition in 2011, the competitions have taken on board China’s latest approaches towards innovation and environmental protection. Youths and companies are encouraged to bring up innovative solutions to promote green and smart development. They also served as advocates of eco-friendly lifestyles.

Lee Yi Shyan, chairman of Business China and Singapore's former Senior Minister of State, said, “Countries need to work together to combat the severe threat of climate change. We need to consider how we can enhance or disrupt our existing economic and industrial structures in our efforts to develop a low-carbon economy together. The China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City has provided an effective platform for bilateral exchanges related to the development of green communities and smart cities.”

Qiu Baoxing, president of the Chinese Society of Urban Sciences, spoke about China's “dual carbon” strategies and smart cities. He also shared insights on a “dual carbon” strategy for cities, elaborating on various aspects including carbon sink, transport, buildings, waste management and municipal management.


Qiu Baoxing, president of the Chinese Society of Urban Sciences, is a keynote speaker.

Teo Eng Cheong, CEO of SSTEC, said, " As the Eco-City’s master developer, SSTEC has contributed in many ways to its development through the years while also providing a good platform for the technological, economic and cultural exchanges between Singapore and China. SSTEC will continue to promote multi-faceted collaboration between Singapore and China, and work closely with companies to drive the development of a new low-carbon economy and related industries in the Eco-City, so that it can become a leading example of a vibrant low-carbon city that is well-integrated with industries in China.”


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