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Quotable quotes of entrepreneurs at sixth World Intelligence Congress


Updated: 2022-06-28

The sixth World Intelligence Congress kicked off in Tianjin on Friday. Entrepreneurs from high-tech firms shared their opinions on artificial intelligence, 5G, internet of things, and digital economy.

Here are some of the quotes from speeches delivered during the congress.

Liu Liehong: 5G provides manufacturers a tool box for upgrading

Liu Liehong said as the core engine of digital information infrastructure, 5G is becoming a new main "artery" of information, a key driver for economic growth and an important tool for industrial innovation and development. Over the past three years, China has built up world's largest 5G networks, holding world's leading position by numbers of 5G patents, 5G users and 5G applications. 5G is accelerating its penetration into every aspect of the economy and society.

Zhou Hongyi: MSMEs' digital transformation is directly related to the success or failure of China's digital strategy

Zhou Hongyi said micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are "blood capillaries" of China's economy, contributing more than 50 percent tax revenue of the country, over 60 percent GDP, at least 70 percent technology innovation and over 80 percent jobs. More than 90 percent of the country's enterprises belong to MSMEs. Their digital transformation is directly related to the success or failure of China's digital strategy. The mode of SaaS (software as a service) is the trump card for MSMEs in their digital transformation.

Liu Jiren: Artificial intelligence has become key foundation for new economy

Liu Jiren said artificial intelligence has become key foundation for new economy. Many developments in the new economy today have closed ties with AI technology. AI has penetrated into our lives and every industry. AI used to be owned by minority individuals, but it is enjoyed by everyone today. The world itself is a big platform for AI application, where more and more people are working on AI.

Li Guohuan: Industrial enterprises can achieve digital transformation in 'four steps'

Li Guohuan said traditional manufacturing industries have barriers in digitalization. To achieve digital transformation, these industrial enterprises can follow four steps: First, make the equipment intelligent; second, realize the production line intelligent based on high computing power and algorithm of cloud computing; third, make the factory intelligent by integrating production, supply, marketing and finance in the factory; fourth, make use of the connectivity of the internet to realize the intellectualization of the industrial chain.

Zhu Yonghong: One must be qualified with basic requirements before embracing digital technologies

Zhu Yonghong said the industrial chain management of Chinese traditional medicine has to be combined with China's and the industry's characteristics. TCM enterprises have made use of high techs such as cloud computing, 5G and intelligent logistics as tools, but to fully utilize them, firms have to upgrade the tools by themselves. To embrace digital technology, a firm must be qualified with basic requirements.

Yin Qi: AI is reshaping the world

Yin Qi said in the 10 coming years, one of the biggest opportunities is artificial intelligence and internet of things. AI is reshaping the world. First, it is changing the way of generating software from making by programmers to making by data. Second, AI is redefining hardware, letting them become more and more standardized.

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