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Tianjin authorities launch traffic safety activities


Updated: 2021-12-02


An officer teaches children about traffic safety.

The Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau initiated several activities with other departments to enhance public traffic safety awareness on Dec 2, which has been designated as China’s national traffic safety day for 10 years.

The city’s first traffic safety-themed park was unveiled by authorities and youth participants. The park features unique traffic billboards and reminders providing traffic safety tips to visitors while they are visiting the park.

Cartoons are used to tell visitors, including children and teenagers, how to cross roads, safely cycle, and avoid traffic accidents.

College student volunteers created their own performances and taught primary students to do graffiti to share traffic safety knowledge. In addition, a themed light show was presented on the exterior of the Tianjin Tower. Enterprises such as PICC and CATARC also participated.

Groups and individuals that made notable contributions in the activities were honored and key activities for 2022 were also highlighted.

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