Jinghai district: Tuanbo Lake


Updated: 2020-07-01


Tuanbo Lake, one of the four wetlands in Tianjin, is a paradise for birds, the ‘green kidney’ of the city and an emerald gifted by nature.

Today, I will start from Tuanbo Lake and take you on a journey to enjoy the green and healthy city of Jinghai.

This is an international demonstration zone for the health industry and a gathering place for prestigious colleges and universities, with numerous venues and a well-developed healthcare industry.

In the future, Jinghai will become a window for international cooperation, the "Silicon Valley" of the Chinese medicine industry, and a model of healthy living in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Hundreds of miles of forest, a thousand-year-old canal,  and ten thousand mu of wetland have become a beautiful business card for Jinghai's green and high-quality development.

Jinghai is the hometown of Chinese calligraphy, the city of hot springs, the capital of bicycles, attractive to varied talents and cultures, open and inclusive as well as environmentally-friendly.

This is Jin Huijiang, the head of Jinghai District.

As the sea embraces rivers, Jinghai is ready to embrac

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