Jinnan district: Pearl and intelligence valley of Tianjin


Updated: 2020-07-01


Hello, everyone!

I am now standing in the ecological corridor along the south bank of Haihe River.

In the distance, there is the National Exhibition and Convention Center under construction.

Here, you can feel the strong pulse of green development.

This ecological barrier, between the urban city and Binhai New Area, is the origin of the well-known Xiaozhan Rice, which gives Jinnan District a green hue, and represents the vigorous growth of this ideal place for living and investment.

The MICE economy area will lead development of the high-end service industry along the middle reaches of the Haihe River and form new, high-quality development areas.

Haihe Educational Park, with locations at Tianjin University and Nankai University, is an experimental area combining education and industry, and is being prioritized for the establishment of an  innovation development agglomeration area. 

I am Deng Guanghua, head of the People’s Government of Jinnan District.

I sincerely welcome you to Jinnan District, which has been named as the 'pearl and intelligence valley' of Tianjin.



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