Hebei district: Tianjin Italian Style Area


Updated: 2020-07-01

Hello, I have been working in Tianjin for nearly half a year.

My favorite area is the Tianjin Italian Style Area.

There are foreign buildings with various characteristics, structures with exotic style and the former residences of historical celebrities.

As the saying goes: "Tianjin represents the modern history of China, Hebei district represents the characteristics of Tianjin". As expected, it is worthy of its reputation.

The history here is quite brilliant, and the future is even more promising.

With culture as the soul and commerce as the carrier, we will build a more dynamic and elegant century-old area and fashionable commercial hub to attract more young people.

We will make this a place that is popular among online celebrities and a center of innovation.

I am Xu Gang, the head of Hebei District in Tianjin, and I speak for the Tianjin Italian Style Area!

Welcome to the Tianjin Italian Style Area.

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