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Foreigners in Tianjin now able to get Health Code via Wechat


Updated: 2020-05-11

Foreign nationalities in Tianjin can now get the ‘Health Code’ mini program via Wechat. The health QR code, a certificate showing your health condition which is required to move around the city, was previously only supported on Alipay.

Users can fill in a condition inquiry list via Wechat’s mini program, and a QR code will consequently be issued in green, orange, or red, signifying a traffic light system.

If you need the mini program, follow the following steps to get it:Search “Wechat” in your app store, download it, then register with your phone number to acquire a Wechat account.

After logging in, scroll down the screen and search for “Jin Xin Ban Guan Fang (津心办官方)” which will lead you to the targeted mini program.

Open it, find Tianjin Health Code under Hots (热门服务) - popular functions.

Next, fill in the inquiry form, answering the questions based on your current condition, and you will be given your code.

A green code allows you to travel across Tianjin with no coronavirus-related traffic restrictions. Please show the code when required, and strive to protect yourself from being infected. The color of the code is updated frequently, according to relevant policies, based on the health condition reported to the local government. Please check your health code before going out.

As well as basic communication functions such as sending texts, voice clips, pictures, videos, and files, Wechat also supports money transference, payment of utility bills and train and flight bookings. It also has links with major shopping platforms such as Jingdong.com.

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