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Tianjin University authorizes nation’s first rescue medical interdisciplinary master’s degree program


Updated: 2020-04-07

On March 30, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council released a list of newly approved professional degree programs, in which Tianjin University was authorized the Nation’s first rescue medical interdisciplinary master’s degree program.

Rescue medicine is a rising interdisciplinary subject that studies how to provide medical aid and save lives during disaster relief operations.

Tianjin University’s Institute of Disaster Medicine is the first of its kind in the country that engages in teaching, training and scientific research of rescue medicine. It has seven research labs studying emergency management, earthquake injury, fire injury, traumatic brain injury, biological disaster, stem cells and tissue regeneration, and environmental stress injury.

In 2018, the institute took the lead in establishing Tianjin University’s Emergency Rescue Research Transformation Alliance and carried out advanced research about emergency management, intelligent rescue equipment, special materials, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) rescue and special drugs specially designed for disaster sites, laying a foundation for the authorization of the new discipline.

It is reported that after the novel coronavirus broke out in China,  Tianjin University’s Institute of Disaster Medicine has drafted a report on the construction of health emergency rescue system for public health emergencies and submitted to Tianjin Municipal Government.


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