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Tianjin works to help fight COVID-19 worldwide


Updated: 2020-03-31


COVID-19 Antibody Diagnostic Kits by Bioscience (Tianjin) Diagnostic Technology Company [Photo/bioscience-tj.com]

Tianjin is ramping up efforts to export and donate novel coronavirus testing kits and other supplies to meet increasing overseas demand, amid the surge of COVID-19 cases outside China.

A batch of COVID-19 Antibody Diagnostic Kits - enough for 13,500 people - have been approved by Tianjin’s customs and will be exported to Switzerland and other areas soon.

A total of seven types of kit are included. They have been developed and manufactured by Bioscience (Tianjin) Diagnostic Technology Company. The serial serology kit products received EU CE (French for ‘European Conformity’) certification on March 9, the first of their type in China to achieve this.

The products can detect either IgM or IgG antibodies, or both, according to different types, in human serum, plasma and whole blood samples in as little as 15 minutes, effectively accelerating on-site screening of suspected patients.

Easy to use, fast, and highly accurate, these kits are suitable for large-scale testing.

"The virus knows no borders, and all countries should join together to curb its spread,” said Luan Dawei, president of the company. “We hope to make full use of Bioscience’s technological expertise to provide solutions for meeting the demand from countries and regions facing COVID-19 challenges, and lacking sufficient and efficient testing capabilities."

Establishing a special team, Tianjin customs facilitated the export of these bioproducts through pre-emptive planning, which saved time when carrying out their strict inspections.

A branch of China Construction Bank (CCB) in Tianjin facilitated sending nearly $20,000 worth of anti-epidemic materials to Singapore by matching businesses using big data and cloud computing.

Aside from prevention and control supplies, Tianjin companies have also ramped up efforts amid COVID-19 to meet overseas orders on time, supporting the operation of the global supply chain and cushioning economic losses of partner companies worldwide.


On March 27, 988 vehicles built by Great Wall Motors, one of the top SUV makers in China, were loaded overnight and left Tianjin Port for the Middle East.

Just a few days ago, 582 vehicles built by the company were also dispatched from the port, headed for South America.

"It was really hard at the beginning of the resumption, with a lack of workers, supply chain vacancies, and poor road transport. I’m happy that we made it to deliver the products on time,” a worker with Tianjin Great Wall said.


Boeing Tianjin Composites has stepped up the production of composite parts and components related to Boeing's civil aircraft models. At present, more than 1,100 employees of the company have arrived, and the proportion of returnees has reached 100 percent.

Normal people are also contributing to the battle in different ways. Volunteers are seen in residential communities and public streets, facilitating communication and the daily life of foreign nationals in the city.


On March 22, teacher He Mengying of the School of Foreign Languages of Nankai University was covered in protective garb from head to toe at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, providing inbound volunteer translation services for foreigners from Paris, France.

By March 30, Tianjin reported a total of 38 imported cases of COVID-19 (34 of Chinese nationality, two American, one French and one from the Philippines), 94 suspected cases with a total of 3,008 close contacts, and 371 people under medical observation, according to the Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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