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Driverless vending car serves up drinks in Tianjin’s business street


Updated: 2019-12-12


Customers standing in line, waiting to buy from the smart vending car. [Photo/tianjinwe.com]

An eye-catching yellow driverless vending car was launched to provide a mobile selling service on Tianjin's Golden Street, the longest pedestrian street in China, on Dec 9.

The car, about 2.5 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1.7 meters high, can sense the environment and avoid obstacles.

It stops at the waving of customers and provides them with a smart voice guide. The transactions can be concluded within 30 seconds with payment through a Wechat or Alipay QR code.

At present, selling bottled and canned drinks, the vehicle is in the trial operation stage. In the future, the vehicle will be further upgraded with intelligent modules to enable on-site preparation of hot drinks such as milk tea and coffee.


A customer buys from the smart vending car. [Photo/tianjinwe.com]

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