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Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College


Updated: 2019-09-09


Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technical College is a full-time higher vocational college registered in the Ministry of Education of the PRC, is one of the 100 national exemplary higher vocational colleges in China, at the educational level of tertiary college, and with the schooling duration of 3 years. It boasts of its electro-mechanical specialties, but also covers languages, economic management and art design.

Established in 1985, it is the largest cooperation project between the Chinese government and the governments of Germany, Japan and Spain in the field of vocational education and training. It has taken the lead in introducing the German vocational educational mould, and through reference, absorption, application, digestion and innovation, formed its characteristic vocational educational brand of 'Tianjin Sino-German'. In recent years, the college has won 5 teaching-achievement prizes at the national level and 6 teaching-achievement prizes of the Tianjin City, with its school-running achievements highly appraised by many social aspects.

Relying on international cooperation, supported by college-enterprise cooperation, and in collaboration with international top enterprises like DMG, SIEMENS, BOSCH REXROTH from Germany, Mitsubishi from Japan, and Machine Tool Association from Spain, NI, IBM from the US, China Long March Rockets, Airbus A320 Tianjin Assembly Line, the college has built up 161 training workshops and training centers, possessing more than 4000 sets of large equipment and instruments. The training equipment generally adopts products that is advanced in professional development, and has the characteristics of top primacy and international generality, worth of nearly 400 million RMB.

The college now has 6000 full-time students, 484 teachers and staff members, nearly 200 part-time teachers from enterprises and industries, and over 20 long-term or short-term foreign experts and teachers. 39% teachers have intermediate and advanced professional technical post title, 44 percent have master degrees or above

In recent years, Sino-German College has, on the foundation of cooperation with Germany, Japan and Spain, expanded its cooperation with more countries like Canada, Australia, America, Singapore.

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