Tianjin University of Technology


Updated: 2019-09-09


Tianjin University of Technology (TUT) was founded by Tianjin Government in 1979. TUT is an engineering-based multi-discipline university, with disciplines in engineering, science, humanities, management, art, and so on. The total area of TUT's campus is around 1,594,200 square meters. Through the construction and development for 39 years, there are 26,522 full-time students, including undergraduates and graduates.

TUT's well-developed education system—consisting of programs for undergraduates, masters, and doctors—marks a historic leap for the university. At present in TUT, there are 17 colleges, with 64 undergraduate majors, 19 primary discipline master programs, 3 primary discipline doctoral programs, 2 postdoctoral programs and 12 key disciplines of Tianjin.

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