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Tianjin to be busy during Spring Festival


Updated: 2019-02-09


All of the communities of the 16 districts in Tianjin will be equipped with canteens for the aged, which will enable an estimated 300000 elders citywide to have food. In addition, older people over the age of 80 and those who have been assessed as having special difficulties can enjoy extra food subsidy from the government.


According to the Tianjin Health Commission, medical inspection report will be mutually recognized across Tianjin and other cities. At present, the medical examination results of 33 projects issued by 55 medical institutions in the city can be mutually recognized by the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei medical institutions, and 20 medical imaging materials issued by 36 medical institutions can be shared by Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei medical institutions.


Tianjin busses are becoming safer. Recently, the Tianjin Emergency Management Bureau issued the Notice of the Municipal Security Committee on Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Safety of Buses and Bridge Protection. By end of March 2019, Tianjin will complete the work plan for the establishment of safety protection isolation facilities for bus reconstruction.


Up to now, Tianjin Metro supports payments from 11 bank cards and mobile phones. At present, Tianjin Metro App is carrying out credit card testing and certification work, after which it can be bound to UnionPay credit card.


During the Spring Festival holiday this year, Tianjin's postal delivery business will maintain normal operation with adjustments made according to market demand. The Municipal Postal Administration is conducting statistics on the operation of the Spring Festival of express delivery companies, and the business hours of each outlet will be announced on the official website.


From Jan 21, Spring Festival peak travel season for 2019 officially began. With increasing cars in airports and railway stations, parking has become a topic of concern. Please check in advance how to park in Tianjin Station, Tianjin West Railway Station, Tianjin South Railway Station, Wuqing Railway Station and Tianjin Airport.


To ensure smooth travels during Spring Festival this year, Tianjin railway station has set up 35 self-service real-name verification gates in the entrance and exit of the square, which are distributed in four locations of the station. In addition, the face recognition gate at Tanggu Station officially opened on Jan 19. The 12306 online ticket-buying travelers can get on the intercity high-speed train without tickets. They can get into the station through the Face Recognition self-service gate with the second-generation ID card.


Measures for convenience of the railway department during the Spring Festival

The railway department has launched a number of conveniences and benefit service measures at Tianjin Railway Station and Tianjin West Railway Station. It provides wheelchairs, stretchers, priority pit stops and convenient one-stop services for passengers in need. Passengers can call 12306 or main station services hotline to make an appointment.


In facilitating Spring Festival travel of 2019, airlines such as China Airlines, Tianjin Airlines and Okay Airways will increase flights in Tianjin to ensure passengers' smooth travel during the Spring Festival. China Airlines will arrange an extra 76 flights and Tianjin Airlines plans to add 648 flights. According to forecasts, Tianjin Airport will send 2.7 million passengers during the Spring Festival, up 5.2 percent year-on-year. Airport volunteers will provide inquiries, guidance and other services from 8:30 am to 16:30 pm.


Land plot planning announced for the south side of Tianjin West Railway Station.

The planning of the front side of the south entrance of Tianjin West Railway Station was announced. According to the plan, the plot will build residential, commercial service facilities and green spaces, and at the same time build a 24-class primary school.

Financing special funds was also announced by Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Area on Jan 21. The initiative taken by the Tianjin Binhai Industrial Development Area committee aims to enhance financial support to technological SMEs with a dedicated 2000 yuan or more through implementation of policies to eligible applicants.


Tianjin decided that since January 1, 2019, the large industrial and general industrial and commercial and other electricity prices will be reduced by 0.05 points per kWh, which will reduce the electricity consumption of enterprises by 29 million yuan per year.

Summer Palace Boutique Exhibition. On Jan 25, jointly organized by Tianjin Museum and Beijing Summer Palace Management Office,  the Summer Palace Boutique Exhibition opened for free on the fourth floor of the Tianjin Museum.

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