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Australian pilot’s story with Tianjin


Updated: 2018-11-07

“Being a pilot is my mission. I never thought I would be involved in any other prefession; it seems that I was born to be a pilot,” said Austin Brett, an Australian pilot with Tianjin Airlines.

He has been in China for eight years since 2011 when his Australian job lost with the closed company. Like other pilots, he tried his fortune in China's civil aviation industry with good development prospects at the time.

Originally planning to work in China for two years, his smooth development and his love for the country made him settle down in China. He is the captain of the Airbus A330.

Austin is also the son-in-law of a Chinese family. During a high-speed rail trip, Austin met his wife who sat in the neighboring seat with sweet smile and fleuncy in English. After a year of getting along, Austin decided to settle down, and now they have a nine-month-old baby.

Austin remembered that once he was carrying out a mission from Haikou to Sanya, he happened to encounter the Long March 7 carrier rocket launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Center. He was extremely impressed by the stunning sight of rocket lifting off and disappearing into the universe. "As a pilot, we have seen amazing mountains and rivers, but such a spectacular scene still impresses me deeply."

   He is fond of Chinese culture and traveling around with his wife. He also finds pleasure in free combat through which he keeps healthy, and then he can better guarantee the completion of the mission.

He conveyed his thanks to China for fulfilling his dream of being a pilot. 


 inauguration ceremony for international pilots of Tianjin Airlines [Photo/Xinhua]


Austin with his wife [Photo/Xinhua]


Austin's sport photo [Photo/Xinhua]

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