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Over 100,000 rare migratory birds visit Tianjin


Updated: 2018-09-11

Recently, more than 50 species of gulls and more than 100,000 rare migratory birds have settled in the Binhai New Area as part of their autumn migratory route.

They are assembled on the beaches in the coastal tourist area near the Great God Hall to replenish their strength. Among them are the scorpion, black-tailed pheasant, white-shouldered owl, and the national first-class, globally endangered and protected red-billed gull.

Wang Jianmin, the head of the Chinese gull and Tianjin bird protection program, said: "The first of the gulls have returned. There are now thousands of them. Most of the gull's head feathers are still black; as the weather turns cold, they will slowly turn white."

The number of migratory birds will peak by the end of October, and the number of gulls will peak when water surfaces freeze in mid-to-late December.

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