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Tianjin highly welcomed by 2018 college graduates


Updated: 2018-07-11

Tianjin has been named as one of top 10 most welcomed cities for work by 2018 graduates, its most attractive factor being "economic development prospects", according to the 2018 College Graduate Employment Report released by Xiangcaozhaopin.com, the largest O2O recruitment platform in China.

Major cities raced to issue favorable policies to draw talents in the first half of this year, mainly in the area of household registration. For the majority of respondents the Hukou ranked 6th as a concern, lower than love and marriage, but more than 13% felt it was a top concern in considering whether to work at a particular city.

According to the survey, the salaries or remuneration, alternative employment, urban culture, urban environment and the Hukou are the top five factors for college graduates in selecting Tianjin. The most important of the city’s advantages is the remuneration package.

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