Tianjin Summer Davos Forum

Updated: 2018-06-30



The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, jointly proposed and established by Chinese government and the World Economic Forum, is a global summit that aims to create an experience discussion and sharing platform for the growth-type companies across the world and to promote the world economic development.

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, or Summer Davos Forum, is held annually in China in summer from 2007.

The forum is a gathering of the growth-type companies' CEOs or director-level senior executives, the forum foundation member enterprises' CEOs, CTOs and CFOs, as well as political leaders, corporate strategists and young scientists from different countries.

Tianjin has successfully held 5 sessions of Summer Davos Forum and will continue in 2018. Through this platform, Tianjin has demonstrated its image as an energetic new city leader. Its international visibility and influence, as well as its opening-up level and internalization process, were improved.

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