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  • Revived traditional bicycle industry

    The sharing lifestyle has given the traditional bicycle manufacturing industry in China a chance to re-develop.
  • Foreign students declaim Chinese classics

    A Chinese declaiming competition was held in Tianjin Normal University on March 30, which was intended to better promote traditional Chinese culture at colleges and universities.
  • Checking out bluegogo factory

    The traditional bicycle manufacturing industry is revived in China as bike-share programs have become a new trend, particularly among young people.
  • Tianjin opens its first sailboat workshop

    Hummingbird Sailing Boat Workshop -- the first workshop in China where people can make their own sailboat -- opened at the Qinggu Industrial Park in Tianjin on March 26.
  • Intelligent bicycles on display in Tianjin

    An international exhibition of electric vehicles opened in Tianjin on March 24, during which intelligent bicycles which make cycling more convenient and easy have attracted visitors' eyes.

Yangliuqing Prints

With a history of over 400 years, Tianjin Yangliuqing woodblock prints have developed into Tianjin's representative folk art genre.

A summary of the historic architecture

A summary of the historic architecture

Tianjin Railway Station

Virtural Tour: Tianjin Railway Station

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