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    Financial leasing

    Tianjin Port Dongjiang Area, the world's second largest airplane leasing market behind that of Ireland, is also expanding rapidly in the fields of medical equipment, rail transportation and electrical equipment.

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    International trade

    Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone focuses on the development of international trade incommodity display and transaction, distribution, headquarters settlement, and the construction of trade facilitation platform.

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    Financial services

    Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone has made innovations in many fields, such as cross-border investment, financing, asset securitization, crowd-funding, REITs funds, share-holding platforms, Sun private funds, sector funds, and merger acquisition funds, with many successful cases.

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    Shipping logistics

    The port city is the sea gate of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, meeting point of the Belt and Road, and important stop on the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor.

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