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SSTEC holds 7th Varsity 'Eco-Innovation · Green Action' Competition
| Updated: 2018-05-08 11:12:33 | (exploringtianjin.com) |

A high definition 3D live surveying system (Quantum Magnetic Field Surveyor) project from Northwestern Polytechnical University has taken first place at the 2018 National Varsity "Eco-Innovation · Green Action" Competition which was hosted by Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development and Friends of Nature.

The project gathers geological information at the sub-surface and sub-sea levels without the use of explosives that would harm the environment.

SSTEC holds 7th Varsity 'Eco-Innovation · Green Action' Competition

The winning team from Northwestern Polytechnical University presents their project on High Definition 3D Live Surveying System (Quantum Magnetic Field Surveyor). [Photo provided to exploringtianjin.com]

This year is the seventh for the national varsity's competition since 2012, and has attracted 172 projects from 66 universities in China. The competition aims to encourage social and technological innovation in environmental protection and promote sustainable lifestyles among young people.

Xia Qing, chairman of the Panel of Judges and former vice-president of China's Environmental Academy of Science, said, "The competition has provided a professional platform for undergraduates to communicate, to help them realize their dreams of being innovative entrepreneurs through making their projects more innovative and practicable."

Tay Lim Heng, CEO of SSTEC, said, "We hope we can inspire more young people to get involved in coming up with innovative ideas to protect our environment through the competition. And we will continue to promote a green and eco-friendly lifestyle."


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