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Binhai New Area plans to attract 1.5 trillion yuan investment
| Updated: 2015-01-20 16:27:55 | By Liu Yiyi (chinadaily.com.cn) |

In the coming three years, the Binhai New Area will attract a total of 3,000 projects at or above the hundreds million yuan level, which will bring in an investment of 1.5 trillion yuan ($241.5 billion), according to a director of the Binhai New Area Development and Reform Commission.

The Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group has recently received related administrative certificates to launch a project on the high-end international harbor maritime work devices manufacturing and trading in Tianjin, which lays a foundation for the construction of the project.

Located in the Tianjin Harbor Industrial Area, the high-end international harbor maritime work devices manufacturing and trading center has attracted a total investment of 12 billion yuan and is expected to be completed in 2016. The project is a large scale and promising project, which will be specially promoted this year.

After being brought into use, the Tidfore Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park will become the largest maritime work device manufacturing, regenerating, and exhibition center in the world.

As the only high-end harbor in the industry, the Tidfore project is able to provide comprehensive services such as a global port service, maritime work high-end device trading, exhibition, renting and leasing, financial services, and technological services.

In addition, the Tidfore project will attract more than 300 enterprises to involve themselves in the project, which includes harbors, a maritime high-end facility, finance, insurance, and investment institution.

It is expected that the project will achieve an annual sales volume of more than 100 billion yuan, will receive up to three billion yuan of profit and around two billion yuan in taxation.

Moreover, the Tidfore project will provide 5,000 to 10,0000 new job opportunities, which will provide a driving force for the integrated development of ‘hundred billion level’ enterprises in the Bohai Sea area.

Since its establishment, the Binhai New Area has implemented a total of 100 municipal level major industrial projects and 550 major projects in the services industry. It is worth mentioning that 2014 has laid a strong foundation for the Binhai New Area to break its record of 900 billion yuan of GDP.

A director of the Binhai New Area Development and Reform Commission said, "Each step of Binhai New Area's development needs the support of large scale and promising projects."

It is estimated that this year the Binhai New Area will bring in and construct a total of 20 major projects that are valued at the ten billion yuan level or above, 200 projects that are at the billion level or above, and 1,000 projects that are hundred million yuan or above. The Binhai New Area will complete a total amount of 500 billion yuan’s worth of major project investment.

Among these, a total of 1,359 major projects bring in more than 50 million yuan of investment to the Area. Such projects include 500 industrial projects, such as the fine chemical engineering project with Yimeike, the energy project with the Ice Bank, the reshipment project with Tidfore Company; 493 projects in the service industry such as the Anbo International Distribution Park and the Xinduhui Center; 46 technological innovative projects such as the new generation information technology institution; 17 projects in the industries of agriculture, forestry, and water conservancy such as the cultivation of edible mushrooms and cow husbandry; 61 projects in social work such as the nursing staff members for elder residents and public health service center; and 242 infrastructure projects such as the drainage pipe network.

Cao Jinqiu, the director of the Binhai New Area Government Office, said that the Binhai New Area is facing five opportunities brought by national strategies such as the national development and opening-up strategy, the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, the integrated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, the "One Belt One Road" strategy, and the national innovative demonstration area. Therefore, it is extremely important for the new area to plan its future from an innovative point of view.

To plan the future from an innovative point of view, the Binhai New Area has drawn up a three-step strategy, which separates the goal of realizing the national functional position in 2020 into three phases.

The content of the first step of the strategy, which will be completed by the end of this year, is about making efforts to reach 1,000 billion yuan ($161 billion) in gross value of regional production, making breakthroughs in public finance income and achieving more than 110 billion yuan from the area, and accomplishing the goal of the twelfth five year plan.

The second step till 2017 is to complete a gross value of production of 1,300 billion yuan, preliminarily construct the Binhai New Area as a core iconic area, such as the Lujiazui Financial Hub in Pudong District of Shanghai, and comprehensively enter into a moderately prosperous society three years in advance.

The third step which will be completed in 2020, is to achieve a minimum of 1,800 billion yuan of gross value of production and make efforts to make that amount 2,000 billion yuan. In addition, the Binhai New Area will try to reach a public finance income of more than 200 billion yuan, and basically bring the national functional position to new areas.

Some professionals also said that a huge gap exists between these goals and reality. As the new area is still in its developing stage, investment remains the biggest driving force to support economic growth, which has a contribution rate of more than 70 percent.

Therefore, in order to realize a continuous and rapid economic growth, the new area has to stabilize and expand its investment through any measurements. The most common measurements include attracting and agglomerating large scale and promising projects to drive the investment expansion.

Simultaneously, the construction of the infrastructure and the establishment of the livelihood service facility of the new area leave behind the requirements from economic and social development. The new area should make up the shortages as soon as possible to realize a comprehensive and complete development. All the above needs great support from large scale projects.

The national strategies and preferential policies have brought a variety of opportunities to the Binhai New Area. Seizing these opportunities, a window has been opened for Binhai New Area to further optimize its development environment, to aggregate development factors, and comprehensively promote the overall competency.

"The Binhai New Area will spare no efforts to promote investment, major industrial projects, technological innovative projects, infrastructure construction projects, livelihood facility establishment projects, and environmental improvement projects, in order to provide a stronger engine and drive force for a higher level of development of the new area on a new starting point," said the director of the Binhai New Area Development and Reform Commission.

In order to invite more investment, the new area will activate the enthusiasm of all departments and institutions and form an integrated three level pattern to attract investment, which includes the new area level, functional level, and local block and town level.

According to the plan, the investment promotion center will make efforts to bring in more than 2,000 project sources annually and sign contracts with no fewer than 500 targeted projects.

Considering the promotion of major industrial projects, the new area will put its focus on driving the construction of 500 establishing industrial projects, and ensure 270 of them will be completed and brought into use by the end of the year.

The new area will also enhance its service to 140 projects that have already signed contracts and will try its best to launch construction by the end of the year. In addition, the new area will mainly follow up 150 of the bidding projects and try to sign contracts and launch the projects as soon as possible.

Based on the work above, the new area will make persistent efforts to attract 1,000 more new large scale and promising projects.

In order to drive forward the development of technological innovative projects, the new area will push forward the construction of major technological and innovative projects with broad industrial prospects and an effective supporting driving force, such as the Peking University New Generation of Information Technology Institution and the text message service system of the Beidou Civilian used satellite.

In addition, the Binhai New Area will accelerate the establishment of the agglomeration of technology resources, which include enhancing cooperation with areas such as Zhongguancun and Yizhuang and rapidly drive the construction of major technological cooperation projects including the Binhai and Zhongguancun Technological Park and the Beijing Tianjin Cooperation Demonstration Area.

The Binhai New Area will make efforts to become an industrial innovative center with global influence.

Talking about the infrastructure construction project, the new area will accelerate the establishment of iconic urban areas, promote the construction of harbor areas, and complete the construction of a transport system with energy safeguard facilities.

The new area will spare no efforts to drive the construction of B1, Z2, and Z4 high speed railways and Baoding-Bazhou Railway, three railways to enter the harbor area, the Huanghua-Wanjia Wharf Railway, and the Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Freight Railway.

In addition, the new area will put focus on the completion of the Tangshan-Tianjin Free Way reconstruction project, West Outer Ring Free Way, Jinhan Free Way, and the second phase of the Jinggang Free Way, which will develop a free way circle network that covers the entire area.

The Binhai New Area will also promote services such as attracting investment from a variety sources for livelihood facility construction projects and environmental improvement projects.

The new area will improve the level of social development and ecological environment centering on education, medication, and culture. The new area will make efforts to establish a batch of premium projects in the livelihood area, which will make it possible for residents to enjoy the benefits of the development of the Binhai New Area.


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