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Tianjin Cultural Center
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Tianjin Cultural Center
Tianjin Theater
Tianjin Culture Center is by far the largest public cultural venue construction project in Tianjin. It has been built upon the spirits of culture, people, and ecology covering a total floor area of 90 hectares. The center is composed of Tianjin Museum, art gallery, library, theater, Natural History Museum, Sunshine Park, Civic Square, Zhonghua Theater, and Science and Technology Museum as well as a public transportation hub including metro and buses and other supporting facilities. The project has an overall floor area of 1 million square meters, of which 530 thousand square meters are on the ground and 470 square meters are underground. It is jointly designed by 12 architecture institutes from China, Germany, Japan, and the United States.

Tianjin Cultural Center
Design image of Tianjin Museum

The design of Tianjin Theater comes from the idea of City Stage. With the theater itself facing the lake and stairs close to the water, it offers people a spacious open area to relax, have some rest and sit down and chat with friends. In addition, it is well qualified to hold all type of outdoor live shows and performance. The theater occupies an area of 100 thousand square meters and has 5 stories on the ground and one underground. It is capable of organizing more than 300 performances every year and receiving international top-notch art troupes as well as producing shows independently. The theater has altogether 3,200 seats, 1,600 of which are for the variety theater that presents the audience opera, dance drama, drama, and traditional operas as well as large evening party and various ceremonies.

The concert hall has 1,200 seats in it and primarily presents symphony and Chinese folk music performances. It is large enough to hold a 120 people orchestra and large chorus. The multi-function theater can accommodate about 400 people and have drama, small concert, and fashion show as well as small and mid-range conference, exhibition, press conference, cocktail party, and ball. The hall has successfully coordinated with the ambience demonstrating the traditional Chinese culture and idea. With simplicity and elegance in design, the concert hall has opened the gate to the world of art for people in the city.

The general theme of the design of Tianjin Museum is the Window of the Century indicating the window to look back at the culture since the city was founded 600 years ago, the window to recur the history of the city in the past a hundred years, and the window to get a picture of the city’s bright future prospect. It is simple, unique, and elegant. The museum’s special interior space design is something it particularly proud of. The history hall which applies unique design connects ancient time hall, modern time hall, and contemporary time hall. With impressive space of depth, the history hall makes the visit a time travel. The museum covers an area of 55 thousand square meters and has 5 stories on the ground and one underground. It is a good place for exhibition and academic seminar as well as storing antiques and relics and for business office using. Once finished, the museum will have 200 thousand collections out of 20 categories and 200 thousand books and paintings.

Tianjin Art Gallery has a total floor area of 28 thousand square meters with 4 stories on the ground and one underground. It primarily displays modern artworks and objects. In the meantime, it also offers training and curriculums for artwork exhibition and collection. It is Tianjin’s first art museum that combines the designs of modern and contemporary styles. It is planned to keep 10,000 curios in five years and organize 50 high-end exhibitions annually.

Tianjin Cultural Center
Tianjin Art Gallery

Tianjin Natural History Museum is a three-story building with a floor area of approximately 30 thousand square meters. Its general exterior design resembles a flying goose. As one of the biggest natural history museum in China, it gets hold of about 380 thousand precious samples and fossils of plants, ancient animals, and ancient humans, of which 200 have been classified as first class national samples.

Tianjin Library (Culture Center)’s general design is brought from the idea of a place of wisdom. It tries to stress that library is where intangible wisdom and knowledge come to reality. Whether well experienced in life or just started getting to know the world, people will find what you need in Tianjin Library. The library covers a floor area of 55 thousand square meters and has 5 stories on the ground and one underground. Besides numerous book and digital book collection for people to read, the library also provides opportunities of academic communication seminar, social education, and old book’s storing and recovering. Once its construction is finished, it is estimated that the library will have total 6 million book collections and will receive 5,000 to 8,000 visitors and readers every day.

Tianjin Cultural Center
Tianjin Library (Culture Center)

Civic Square takes a total area of 370 thousand square meters and consists of two interrelated structures with 5 stories on the ground and one underground. One of the two buildings has a cubic shape and primarily runs retailing businesses, while in the south lies the other one which is a statue-like crystal architectural structure that reflects the water pool and the waterfall. The square is a place that combines retailing, large shopping mall, dining, and other entertainments. Its interior decoration and structure is inspired by the Milky Way as well as the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Tianjin Sunshine Park occupies 82 thousand square meters with 5 stories on the ground and one underground. It contains indoor entertaining facilities, photography and animation world, adventure world for children, and a cinema. It has a three-leaf layout and a classic pillar structure corridor in the south making the park an amazing urban architecture.

The artificial lake takes up a total land of 100 square meters with the deepest depth of 2.7 meters. It has been implanted in the center of the lake a world leading musical fountain imported from Las Vegas, the United States. The jets water to as high as 30 meters. For water saving concern, the water in the lake is recycled water. In addition, relied on special technology, the lake will not freeze in winter. What makes the picture even more breathtaking is the 100-square-meter artificial island on which various beautiful plants and flowers are planted.

To make it as easy as possible for people to come to the Civic Square, a comprehensive public transportation hub has been built. Subway line No.5, 6, and Z1 all have stops here. Built entire underground, the three-story structure covers a floor area of 159 thousand square meters. Outbound buses depart from the buses center to different districts and directions covering almost the entire city. In the meantime, the square has large parking areas including ones exclusively for coaches and several underground ones, thus it can well handle the surging parking needs during a number of simultaneous events.


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