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Getting around
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Getting around Nine metro lines are scheduled to be built in the central downtown area of Tianjin. Subway Line 1 and Subway Line 9 are in operation.


There are about 32000 taxis in Tianjin. They are all green and silver. The flag-down fare is 8 yuan (including 3 kilometers), plus 1.7 yuan per extra kilometer. If you are on a round trip, you will still be charged 1.7 yuan per kilometer (after 10 kilometers’ ride); while if you are on a one-way trip, an additional 50 percent fee will be charged per kilometer after the first 10 kilometers. Tianjin Public Transport Call Center provides a taxi reservation service. Call +86-22-96880 for details.

The taxi charges to and from the airport varies in accordance with different types and grades of taxis. One should ask clearly about the price before getting into a taxi. One should also ask for invoice, in case there is need of complaint or finding lost belongings. The phone number for taxi complaint: +86-22-23549000.


Tianjin has 476 bus lines, most of them have put the new environment-friendly buses into service. Passengers are required to insert money into the coin box or use their “City Card” once they get on the bus. The ticket fare for buses with air conditioners is 2 yuan, and 1.5 yuan for non-air conditioner buses. Passengers can call the 24 hour hotline +86-22-96196 to inquire about information about bus lines.

Website of Tianjin Bus: http://www.tjbus.com/

Light railway

There is a light rail line which connects the central city area with Binhai New Area. It starts at Tianjin Station, and arrives at Donghai Road Station of Binhai New Area. It takes only one hour from the core area of Binhai New Area to Tianjin Station.

City Card

City Card is a pre-paid IC card issued by Tianjin Metropolitan Card Co. Ltd. It can be used around the city wherever the City Card logo exists. The card is anonymous and can not report loss, while it can be repeatedly used by recharging your account. One has to pay a deposit when buying an ordinary card. The deposit is refundable. Card selling and recharging services are available in outlets at the Bank of Communications, stations of Subway Line 1 and on the Light Railway, Dafang Convenience Stores and Vanguard supermarkets in Tianjin.

Hotline: +862212319

Website of City Card: http:/www.tjykt.com/

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