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Tianjin Library

Tianjin Library

Address: +86-22-23369194

Introduction: With a hundred year history and a collection of 3.21 million books, Tianjin Library has reserved some sole copies of precious books in China.

Tianjin Children’s library

Address: No.58, Gui Zhou Rd, Heping District Tel: +86-22-58996161

Introduction: Covering a floor area of 5,022.47 square meters, Tianjin Children’s Library is one of the first children’s libraries in China. It is a non-profit library functioning as the center of information, culture, education, and reading for children in Tianjin. The name of the library was once inscribed by Song Qingling, the late chairwoman of the People’s Republic of China.

TEDA Library & Archives

Address: No.21, Hong Da Ave, Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, Tanggu District

Tel: 25203113

Introduction: TEDA Library & Archives is the only one regional cultural institution that has adopted the integrated management of books, archives and information. Opened in December 2003, it covers an area of 16,700 square meters, with a floor area of 66,700 square meters. Covering an area of 33,600 square meters the library and archives were designed to collect 1,500,000 books, and 1,200,000 volumes archives. It has 1,200 seats and can serve 5,000 at any given time. It stores public documents and has a children’s reading area, a professional document reading area, a leisure area, which can all be used without library cards. It has an e-reading area, individual and group research room, multi-media room, A/V room, lecture hall and research room. There is service in the reading area, e-documents processing center, digitalization processing area, film reduction area, showroom and archives collating center in TEDA Archives to satisfy the needs of users.


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