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Starbucks International Building Branch: 1F, International Building, No.75, Nanjing Road, Heping District (23131133)

Lebin Branch: C06-C07, 1F, Robbinz Department Store, No.128, Nanjing Road, Heping District (27168012)

Kaifeng Street Branch: 1-2F, No.54, Kaifeng Street, Xiao Bai Lou, Heping District (23111722)

Exchange Mall Branch: Building B1, Exchange Mall, No.189, Nanjing Road, Heping District (83191026)

International Plaza Branch: A2017, 1F, International Plaza, No.211, Nanjing Road, Heping District (27826353)

Ji Li Branch: Section 1-12, 1F, Jili Mansion, Milenio Department Store, No.209, Nanjing road, Heping District (27311632)

Parkson Branch: 1F, Parkson Shopping Centre, No.162, Heping Road, Heping District (85586292)

Xin’an Branch: 1F, New World Plaza, No.138, Dong Ma Lu, Nankai District (87341766)

Ju Chuan Branch: C102, Juchuan Gold Coast, No.453, Jiefang Road, Tanggu District (25893409)

TEDA Branch: No.19, Huanghai Road, TEDA, Tanggu District (66201781)

UBC coffee It offers varied coffee and snacks in Taiwan-flavor.

Heping Branch: 1F, Junyue Mansion, No.18, Guizhou road, Heping District (23088666)

Weijin Road Branch: No.102-103, Building C, Yunlang Building, No.149, Weijin Road, Nankai District (23525153)

Xiao Bai Lou Branch: No.21, Nanjing Road, Hexi District (23279696)

Tanggu Head Store: No.628, Tanggu Shanghai Street, Binhai New Area (25859173)

Da Gang Branch: No.371, Dagang Shengli Street, Binhai New Area (63378122)

TEDA Branch: Behind Hongtai Qianbaihui, Third Ave., TEDA, Binhai New Area (66290488)

Binhai Branch: Back door of Renaissance Hotel, No.22, Second Ave., TEDA, Binhai New Area (66209522)

Seaside Scenery Coffee Fukang Road Branch: No.7, Fukang Road, Nankai District (23523566)

Hua Yuan Branch: 3F, Wumart Plaza, No.138, Yingshui Street, Nankai District (23857878)

Guang Kai Branch: No.152, Gediao Spring Garden, Guang Kai Si Ma Lu, Nankai District (27481555)

Tanggu Branch: No.C08, Bafang Yuanming, Shanghai Street, Binhai New Area (25852779)

TEDA Branch: Hongtai Qianbaihui Square, Third Ave., Binhai New Area (66290800)

Xiao Bai Lou Branch: No.1, Xuzhou Street, Heping District (58372822)

Binjiang Street Branch: Liaoning Road, Heping District (58853266)

Meijiang Branch: No.11-1, Building C, Shui Yuan, South Youyi Road, Hexi District (88380606)

Youyi Road Branch: 1F, Waimao Fushi Mansion, No.1, Youyi Road, Hexi District (88373971)

Yong’an Street Branch: Yong’an Mansion, No.11-13, Yong’an Street, Hexi Dsitrict (23261333)

Da Gang Branch: No.33-37, Yongming Road, Binhai New Area (63235551)

Dong Li Branch: No.18, Fushan Road, Dongli District (84371068)

Modern Memory Coffee Its nostalgic interior decoration reflects scenes of the old Shanghai in the last century of China. Outdated photos, phones, records, doorplates etc. can be seen everywhere. The taste of western food here is above average. Sai Dun Branch: No.116, VIP Business Center, Sai Dun Center, Xikang Road, Heping District (23336379)

Ao Cheng Branch: No.A2-07, Magnetic City Business Plaza, West Binshui Street, Nankai District (58387678)

The Spot Café The Spot Café is an American style café with a casual atmosphere. It seems more popular among foreigners. Price is quite reasonable and wifi is also available. Address: Opposite Tianyu Hotel, Diantai Street, Heping District Tel: 27837104

SPR Coffee Xiao Bai Lou Branch: No.34, European-style Street, Kaifeng Street, Heping District (23300526)

Ao Cheng Branch: 1F, Area B, Magnetic City Business Plaza, West Binshui Street, Nankai District

Hongda Street Branch: No.3, Hongda Street, Binhai New Area (66292566)

Yu Jing Yuan Branch: No.F-11, Yu Jing Yuan, Second Ave., Binhai New Area (59816223)

Third Avenue Branch: 1F, TEDA Central Hotel, No.16, Third Ave., Binhai New Area (25206666)

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