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Lao Cheng Xiao Li Yuan

It is located inside an ancient museum of Tianjin, which has a long history of 100 years and embodies the only best-preserved traditional “Siheyuan” in the urban area of Tianjin. As the first folk art performing site built in a museum, the historical relics are integrated with Chinese drama culture. Its interior decoration features traditional folk culture.

Address: Tianjin Lao Cheng Museum, No.202, East Gulou Street, Nankai District Tel: 400-101-9899

Ming Liu Teahouse

First built in 1991, it was a teahouse that is characterizd by traditional folk culture. It was schemed and designed by the wife of Lao She who is a famous Chinese writer. The plaque of the teahouse was personally inscribed by Ma Sanli, a famous crosstalk artist in China.

Xinhua Road Branch: 1F, Heping Cultural Palace, No.177, Xinhua Road, Heping District (+86-22-27116382)

Gu Wenhua Jie Branch: 2F, Main street of Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District (+86-22-27286420)

Gu Lou Branch: No.52, Drum Tower Street, Nankai District (+86-22-88252627)

China Drama Tea House

Different elements including paintings and calligraphy, antiques, antique furniture, architecture, lute, Guzheng, Kunqu Opera are blended, showcasing China’s traditional culture and civilization. The whole house is Chinese classical court styled. The first floor has pavilions, a gallery, and half-open compartments. The second floor has separate rooms and is decorated in a luxurious Tang and Han Dynasty style.

Qian Xiang Yi Tea House

It is nestled in the famous hundred-year-old business building---Qian Xiang Yi. The ancient building of Qian Xiang Yi is listed as Municipal Cultural Relic Protection Unit of Tianjin, which combines both western and eastern styles with its delicate decoration and natural pattern. Address: No.64, Guyi Street, Hongqiao District Tel: +86-22-27053206

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